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Farmland Scenic Wildlife Habitat

This Protected Property is an open, undeveloped, and agricultural site, currently being farmed by a local nursery. 

The Trueblood property is located on the west side of Willow Avenue.  The property is bordered by Magan Way to the south and Don’s Lane to the west.  Willow Avenue is lined with medium low density residential development and interspersed with scattered agricultural land.  Corridors of wet deciduous forest run north to south to both the west and east of the development immediately along Willow Avenue.

Based on the examination of historic aerial photography, the property has been cleared and used for agricultural purposes since at least 1939.  It appears that the property remained in agricultural use as pasture and/or hay until sometime in the late 1980s when nursery stock was planted.

This property was a bequest from Alan S. Trueblood on July 31, 2013.

Total Acreage:

Restriction Type:
Fee Simple

Date Completed:
July 31, 2013

Conservation Values:
open space, wildlife habitat, scenic vista, agricultural use

Property Type:
Private Property

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