Land Protection Program

Sakonnet Preservation protects land using both conservation easements and outright ownership of properties. Property owners may convey a variety of property interests to SPA by gift, sale, or by will.

To be certain that the organization is protecting the most important land available given our limited resources, we ask ourselves if the land is:

  • Contiguous or in close proximity to other protected land,
  • Important for protecting quality or quantity of surface or underground waters, or for providing natural control of flooding,
  • In an area outlined in the Little Compton Comprehensive Community Plan and/or an area identified by state and federal inventories as significant, natural, and/or scenic,
  • In a priority area designated by SPA,
  • Exemplary or critical habitat for plant or animal species or populations not classified by the state or federal government as rare, endangered, or threatened,
  • A habitat for plant or animal species classified by the state or federal government as rare, endangered, or threatened,
  • Farmland and/or forest,
  • An historically important land area,
  • Display rural characteristics,
  • Suitable for providing outdoor public recreational opportunities consistent with the protection of natural resources.

Sakonnet Preservation will ask property owners to consider making a cash donation to fund the John and Letitia Carter Stewardship Fund for the perpetual care of their land donation.

Gifts of Land and Conservation Easements – Lasting Lands

Would you like to learn more about protecting your land forever?  There are many options, and we would love to work with you to find the best one to meet your needs.  Click here to receive a free copy of our Land Preservation Program booklet.

Donors of land or conservation easements will be recognized as members of Lasting Lands, as well as on our website and annually in our newsletters.

To learn more, contact Sheila Mackintosh, Land Protection Committee Chair, at 401.635.8800 or


Conservation Values:

Wildlife Habitat Open Space Wetlands Groundwater Plant Species Historic Stonewalls Scenic Values Community Character