Many of our community members have joined us in our stewardship efforts. Sakonnet Preservation’s group of volunteer monitors are trained by the Stewardship Director to inspect each of their assigned properties in compliance with the Land Trust Alliance’s Standards and Practices. Volunteers also help us with trail maintenance and invasive species management –many hands make light work! Having so many feet on the ground, helps us to observe, inspect, and care for each property to ensure that its conservation values remain intact.

Our volunteers enjoy being outdoors, exploring Little Compton’s natural landscapes: fields, forests, and wetlands. To learn how you can get involved in stewarding the land, email Stewardship Director Adam Yorks. To learn other ways to volunteer for Sakonnet Preservation, contact us or visit our volunteer page.

Words from a Volunteer Monitor – Jana Porter
Being a monitor for SPA deepens my relationship with the protected land in our town and with people who have made sure their land will always remain undeveloped. I steward two properties for SPA, which means I get to walk those properties with the landowners every spring before leaf out to make sure the conservation easements on their land are being observed.

Over the years, monitoring “my” two properties has become a rite of spring. I know I will be welcomed by the landowners and that we will share our growing knowledge and respect for their land. I know Sarah and I will set the date, but Jack and I will walk the property. I know Sidney, over 90, will meet me, walk with me, and show me the treasures of her landscape. Sarah and I have become friends and share the major events of our families as well as occasional yoga mat space. Sidney visits and contributes to my garden and brings great grandchildren to visit my treehouse.

 I am blessed to live here, to have this opportunity, and to know these people.” 



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