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Scenic Wetlands Wildlife Habitat Woodlands

The Premises are located in Little Compton, Rhode Island, near of Simmons Corner.  The majority of the Premises are forested, with the exception of a cleared area of approximately 27,000 sq. ft. nearest the southeast corner.  The Premises are immediately surrounded by deciduous forested wetlands to the north, west, and south.  Medium density residential housing and agricultural land abut the Premises to the east.  The Harold E. Watson Reservoir, a public drinking water supply owned by the City of Newport, lies just northwest of the Premises.

Based on the examination of historic aerial photography, it appears that the Premises were used for agricultural purposes sometime prior to 1939.  The 1939 aerial photos, the earliest for the State, show sparse and brushy second growth covering the area, indicating recent agricultural abandonment. 

Conservation Easement given by James E. Marsh on December 18, 2007.

Total Acreage:

Restriction Type:
Conservation Easement

Date Completed:
December 18, 2007

Conservation Values:
open space, wildlife habitat, scenic vista, woodlands

Property Type:
Private Property

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