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Scenic Wildlife Habitat

The Protected Property contains mainly mixed grasses in the interior with herbaceous and woody vegetation along property borders.  The Protected Property is surrounded by medium-low and low density residential development to the east, north, and west; deciduous forest to the southwest; deciduous wetland forest to the northeast; and pasture to the northwest and southeast. 

Based on the examination of historic aerial photography, it appears that the Protected Property has been in a similar state since at least 1939.  Periodic aerial photography from 1952, 1962, 1972 and the present show the Protected Property in an open state with no interior shrub or forest vegetation present.  

Conservation Easement given by Jackson W. & Sarah F. Robinson on October 28, 2011.

Total Acreage:

Restriction Type:
Conservation Easement

Date Completed:
October 28, 2011

Conservation Values:
open space, wildlife habitat, scenic vista

Property Type:
Private Property

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