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Scenic Wetlands Wildlife Habitat

The Lanpher et al. Property is located on the northwest shore of Briggs Marsh and is bisected by Quoquonset Lane, a private road running west to east from Sakonnet Point Road, in southern Little Compton, RI.   The property contains primarily deciduous forest north of Quoquonset Lane, while the southern portion consists of wet meadow and emergent marsh.  A perennial stream, running north to south, runs down the center of the property.  The northern, western, and southwestern boundaries of the property are marked by historic stone walls; the southeastern boundary lies along the shore of Briggs Marsh. The eastern boundary is clearly marked by granite bounds.

 Based on the examination of historic aerial photography, it appears that the property may have been used for agricultural purposes, though it was likely too wet to be farmed.  Any agricultural use that had taken place, such as grazing, had ceased sometime prior to 1939.  In the 1939 aerial, the property appears quite wet and somewhat recently re-vegetated.

This property was donated by Eleanor F. Lanpher, Sindney Wentz, Barbara S. Wentz, William H. Joslin, Jr., and Barbara Joslin on December 21, 1983.  

Total Acreage:

Restriction Type:
Fee Simple

Date Completed:
December 16, 1983

Conservation Values:
wetlands, wildlife habitat, deciduous forest

Property Type:
Private Property

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