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The Guild Property is located in the historic village of Adamsville, on the border of Little Compton and Westport, Massachusetts. The Property lies to the east of Crandall Road and abuts several residential and commercial properties. Deciduous forest as well as medium density residential (1 to ¼ acre lots) and commercial land surround the property. The Guild Property is comprised of forested upland, swamp, and a freshwater pond. The Adamsville Brook, a freshwater stream system flowing north to south, meanders through The Property and flows into Gray’s Mill Pond (also known as Adamsville Pond). 

The area around Gray’s Mill Pond was likely settled in the late 17th century. Sometime in the 1750s, the Adamsville Brook was dammed to create a pond for the nearby grist mill. Later a saw mill and a carding mill were built nearby. Eventually, fluctuating water levels made waterpower unreliable so when the Hurricane of 1938 severely damaged the mill, it was rebuilt to use power primarily from a gasoline engine. Today Gray’s Grist Mill uses electric power and is considered one of the oldest continuously operating mills. In the 1900s, during winter freezes, ice was collected from Gray’s Mill Pond and stored in ice houses nearby. The ice blocks were used to preserve food before refrigerators came into use. The community also used the pond for ice skating. Based on the examination of historic aerial photography, it appears the Guild Property has been forested for several decades, as far back as 19395.

The Guild Property was donated by Ralph C. Guild, President & Treasurer of Gray’s Grist Mill, Inc. on September 30th, 2017.

Total Acreage:

Restriction Type:
Fee Simple

Date Completed:
September 30, 2017

Conservation Values:
public access, wetlands, wildlife habitat, recreational area

Property Type:

Public Property
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