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Scenic Wildlife Habitat

The Hough property is located on Church’s Lane in western Little Compton, RI, just north of Taylor’s Lane at the end of Taylor’s Lane North.  The property is entirely comprised of dense shrub and wooded habitat.  Cole Road, along the western boundary of the property, is currently unconstructed, but was cleared in 2012; Champlin Road and Awashonks Road are currently unconstructed.

It appears that the property remained undisturbed through the last 40 years, and that the current condition of the property is the result of succession, as moderated by previous agricultural disturbance and proximity to the coast.  The property currently contains a mix of native and invasive trees and shrubs characteristic of disturbed lands.

Based on the examination of historic aerial photography, it appears that the property was cleared and used for agricultural purposes in 1939.

Total Acreage:

Restriction Type:
Fee Simple

Date Completed:
December 16, 1998

Conservation Values:
wildlife habitat, dense shrubland

Property Type:
Private Property

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